Yamaha YUS1 TA3 TransAcoustic Piano


$21,199 RRP $22,999
Finish: Polished Ebony

  • Yamaha TransAcoustic technology allows almost infinite sound & connectivity options
  • TransAcoustic™ functionality has been added to this YUS1. This is a TA3 type TransAcoustic™

  • 121cm Tall
  • Made in Japan
  • Includes tuning, regulation and voicing
  • Includes stool & delivery

Includes FREE piano pack including:


When the keys are pressed on an acoustic piano, hammers strike the strings which, in turn, vibrate. But at this stage, the sound is very faint. So, the string vibration is amplified by the soundboard that sits at the heart of the instrument, and the entire body of the piano serves as a resonator, creating rich and sonorous sound. Yamaha's revolutionary TransAcoustic™ technology takes full advantage of the original design and construction of the piano based around the soundboard.

  • Feature Image


TransAcoustic™ technology does not require any speakers to produce sound. It uses a transducer to convert the sound into vibrations which in turn vibrate the soundboard, which amplifies them and resonates the entire piano. Digital sound sources can be amplified and projected in this way, employing the same sound-generation and resonance mechanism of an acoustic piano, making it possible to reproduce the uniquely sonorous acoustic sound that can be felt by the player, not just heard. What’s more, the digital tone generator features the sounds of two world-renowned concert grand pianos, the Yamaha CFX, and the Bösendorfer Imperial, recorded with impeccable quality using Binaural Sampling techniques.

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Conventional transducers are too heavy to be installed on the soundboard and would compromise its essential functions. As a result, Yamaha has developed transducers specifically for acoustic pianos, with only a lightweight element affixed to the soundboard. The result is a faithful reproduction of the original acoustic piano sound, with the integrity of the soundboard fully maintained. In addition, the latest models employ a special Articulation Sensor capable of detecting the finest movements of the keys with exceptional precision, authentically reproducing all the delicate playing and expressive nuances of the sound.

WITH A TransAcoustic™ Piano, YOU’RE IN CONTROL

Full acoustic piano sound with conveniently variable volume control.

Feature Image

By switching to TransAcoustic™ mode, you can freely control the piano volume while still enjoying the richly resonant sound that can only be experienced with an acoustic piano. So, you can play whenever you want, without worrying about the time of day or what’s happening around you.

Wonderfully rich sound with headphones, with no sound outside.

  • Feature Image

In Quiet mode, you can immerse yourself in the luxuriant, natural sound that comes with Binaural Sampling and Grand Expression Modeling, while completely forgetting that you’re wearing headphones.

Two world-renowned concert grand piano sounds.

  • Feature Image

Featuring two iconic concert grand piano sounds – the world-renowned Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial, famed for its distinctively warm Viennese tone. Experience the joy of playing both, with their rich, resonant sounds and infinite variety of tonal changes.

Intuitive operation using the dedicated app.

  • Feature Image

The Smart Pianist app connects you with an exciting new world of ways to enjoy piano playing. You can use it to analyse songs on your smart device and automatically generate piano scores (chord charts), or take advantage of the intuitive, at-a-glance functions to control the volume, instrument sound selection and other features.

Record and review your performances.

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Record your performance with a single button press and listen back right away. Or use the USB recording feature to store your performances in WAV format to USB flash memory, so you can keep them on your computer as a record of your progress.

Bluetooth® audio playback.

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Stream your favourite songs from your Bluetooth-enabled smart device and enjoy hearing them with the naturally rich sound of an acoustic piano soundboard. Play along with the audio tracks or simply listen to the music with the piano acting as the speaker.

Expand your horizons with new instrument sounds.

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More than just a piano, this remarkable instrument also has other instrument sounds, including electric piano, harpsichord, organ, strings, and choir. Select your favourite sound to match the style of music you want to play and prepare to be inspired.

Add rhythm for a dynamic performance.

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There are 20 different rhythms built into the SILENT Piano™ comprising drums and bass. Select the desired accompaniment pattern and enjoy playing with your own personal backing band.

Play with new digital instrument combinations.

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Call up the Trans Acoustic™ Layer mode and combine the acoustic piano sound with built-in digital instrument voices to create a luscious layer. And then marvel at the amazing new world of creative possibilities that open up for you, over a wide range of musical genres such as classical, jazz, and pop.


Width 152 cm (59 3/4")

Height 121 cm (51 1/2")

Depth 62 cm (25 1/2")

Weight 239 kg (576 lbs)


Key Surfaces - White Acrylic resin

Key Surfaces - Black Phenolic resin

Hammer  YUS Series Special

Pedal  Damper/Silencing pedal/Soft

Caster  Double Caster

Lid Prop Safety Stop -

Lid/Fallboard Locks - Yes

Soft-Close Fallboard - Yes

Key Sensors Non-contact continuous detection electromagnetic inductive sensor


Damper Pedal Continuous detection sensor

Sostenuto Pedal -

Soft/Shift Pedal On/Off detection sensor

Mechanism Hammer shank stopper operated by center pedal

Action -

Mechanism  TransAcoustic™  Technology


Piano Sound Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial

Forte Piano Yes

Binaural Sampling Yes (Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial)


Grand Expression Modelling  Yes

Key-off Samples Yes

Smooth Release Yes

Polyphony (max.) 256

Preset Number of Voices 25

Voices for Song Playback 480 XG Voices + 12 Drum/SFX Kits

Reverb Yes

Brilliance Yes

Stereophonic Optimizer Yes (Piano Voices other than CFX Grand)


Types Reverb Yes

Types Brilliance Yes

Types Stereophonic Optimizer Yes (piano Voices other than "CFX Grand" and "Bösendorfer")


Number of Preset Songs 25 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Classics

Recording Number of Songs 10

 Number of Tracks 2

Data Capacity(max.)  approx. 550 KB/Song

Playback Format SMF (Formar 0, Format 1)

Recording Format  SMF (Format 0)

Recording/Playback (Audio)

Recording Time (max.) 80 minutes/Song

Format Playback  WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)

Format Recording  WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo)


Rhythmic Patterns 20

Overall Controls Metronome Yes
Overall Controls Tempo Range 5 – 500
Overall Controls Transpose -12 – 0 – +12
Overall Controls Tuning 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)

Control Interface
Display 7-Seg

AC adaptor*, power cord*, headphones, headphone hanger, attachment screws for headphone hanger, “50 Classical Music Masterpieces” music book, Owner’s Manual


AC Adaptor: PA-500 (or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha)

Power Consumption 26 W (When using PA-500C AC adaptor)

Auto Power Off Yes


Included Accessories Headphones, headphone hanger, attachment screws for headphone hanger, “50 Classical Music Masterpieces” music book, Owner’s Manual.

Separately Sold Accessories USB wireless LAN adaptor (UD-WL01)

"We want our clients to have peace of mind with a finished and performance-ready piano of superb quality. We do not cut corners, and we will never settle for anything less than getting the best out of every piano we sell." - Geoff Logan

Why Buy Your Piano From Logans?

Anyone can tell you they provide great service, but can they prove it? Logans Pianos have been in the piano business for almost a century, and in that time we've provided pianos for some of the most important performers and institutions in the music industry. Our long history as Sydney's most trusted name in pianos bears testament to the fact the we are the best in the business, and we have the evidence to back that claim up.

Now with four generations of experience, we have the expertise to ensure that a piano from Logans will deliver the best possible performance and the greatest enjoyment for many decades to come.

All pianos purchased from Logans come with a minimum of $1250 worth of extras, including:

  • Minimum three courses of tuning, regulation & voicing
  • 10 Year Warranty, and free after sale care
  • Delivery to ground level
  • Matching Yamaha piano bench
  • Limited Time offer: 50th anniversary pack, including fitted piano cover, metronome, piano polish & commemorative clock with Logans and Yamaha logos. 

What is Piano Regulation?

Production schedules in factories only allow for a certain amount of time to be spent on each piano. Additionally, pianos are shipped in vacuum sealed environments, and moving parts shift slightly as they adjust to their new environment. Adjustments made by a piano technician to an instrument's keys and action to compensate for these shifts is referred to as "regulation".

All new pianos before leaving their factory are tuned and regulated. Piano components including wood, felt, and doeskin have a tendency to "bed down" and change in thickness for some time, thus altering the regulation and performance of the piano. All manufacturers fundamentally insist that their new pianos be regulated again before being sold.

Today, piano regulation is a dying art, and Logans are one of very few piano shops in Australia that still perform a full course of regulation as part of every sale. A large percentage of pianos sold in Australia receive no more than a single tuning at this most important stage in their lives - a fact even Yamaha Australia have tactely acknowleged in labelling Logans Pianos the only Yamaha Piano Authorised Sales and Service Centre in NSW.

Why is Regulation Important?

Piano regulation is vital to ensuring a long and healthy life for any piano, whether it's a $6000 upright or a $500 000 Concert Grand. The minute adjustments made by a piano technician prevent vital moving parts for rubbing together and wearing prematurely, and ensures a clear, even volume by ensuring the action is balanced across all 88 keys.

Additionally, it removes the "stiffness" that experienced piano players often complain of when playing a brand new pianos, and brings out the full performance potential inherent in its design. Traditionally, regulation was considered an essential part of the purchase of a piano, and piano dealers were judged on the quality of their regulation.

Piano Voicing

Piano voicing involves balancing the volume, tone, and overall sound of the piano by adjusting the hardness of the hammer felts by pricking them with needles using a tool called a "picker". While this sounds like a simple enough task, it requires years of experience to get a feel for how to achieve the "right" voicing for an individual piano. It can be a time consuming task on a higher quality piano, which will generally start with denser felt so that it needs to be replaced less frequently. In many ways, voicing is as much art as science, and as such relies heavily on the taste and experience of the technician.

There is a widespread myth that Japanese pianos have an inherently "bright" or "harsh" sound, compared with their more expensive European and North American counterparts. This is simply not the case. More often than not, this comes down to the piano's voicing being given little, or no attention by the seller. In point of fact, most Yamaha pianos still use the same felt and strings as a Steinway. If a mellow sound is what you want in your piano, we are more than happy to oblige.

Piano Tuning

As with regulation, the tuning of a piano is heavily impacted by changes in atmospheric conditions. As a result of this, it is crucial that a new piano is not merely tuned prior to sale, but left to sit, and retuned in a repeated cycle until the technician can be certain that the tuning will remain stable.

Typically, a piano requires three tunings prior to sale, but sometimes more are necessary, depending on a variety of factors including construction, weather and even the specific cuts of timber used in the instrument. Ultimately, we see it as our responsibility to continue tuning a piano until we can be sure it's going to stick.

Unfortunately, many dealers try to bypass this process by offering to tune the piano in your home, offering the explanation that "moving the piano will put it out of tune". This is absolutely false. However, it is true that piano's tuning will drift a little in the first six months as it acclimatises to your home. 

To remedy this, all pianos sold at Logans include at least one free tuning to be used at any point in the first six months, as part of Yamaha's  Premium Piano Care Program. Grand Pianos pianos may include up to 10 years worth of free tunings, free of charge.

Assuming your piano has been prepared correctly and nothing unexpected happens (flood, fire, pestilence etc.), it should only require scheduled tuning every 6-12 months, and a course of regulation and voicing every few years.

The Logans Difference

A full course of tuning, regulation, and voicing on a new piano runs anywhere from $900 to $1100, depending on the specific instrument. Logans include this service as part of the purchase price on every new piano we sell, free of charge.

All pianos also include free delivery, a matching piano bench, manufacturers warranty, and at least one free tuning after delivery We can also arrange continued maintenance afterwards. The knowledge and experience gained over the past century, ensures a Logans Piano will deliver the best possible performance and the greatest enjoyment for many decades to come.

While many piano sellers advertise tuning and regulation as part of their pre-sale service, most consistently fail to invest the time and resources required to bring them up to standard. This is a fact we are regularly reminded of whenever one of our technicians arrives for a scheduled tuning on a piano purchased from a competitor, and finds that it in need of voicing and regulation, just six months after purchase.

We have found that our satisfied clients often share their Logans experience with students, family, friends. In fact, the majority of people who purchase a piano from us initially chose Logans based on recommendation and reputation. These recommendations depend not just on quality customer service but also on the great performance of our pianos long after they have been delivered. We therefore select and prepare our new pianos very carefully. This more than anything else is what has kept our doors open for almost 100 years.


Logans Pianos offers Australia wide shipping on all products on our website and our Burwood store. The vast majority of our orders are eligible for free, or $8.95 flat rate shipping. For more details, see below.

We will always do our best to make your order as fast and easy as possible. In most cases, we will process and ship your order next business day. 

For a variety of reasons, sometimes this is not possible. In these cases, we will always notify you by email or phone of the expected lead time the following business day.

International shipping is available for many of the products on our website using courier shipping. See below for details.

Tracking Your Order

You will always be notified by email or phone once your order has been shipped, and will be able to track it using the provided shipping information here.


If you are looking for our returns policy, please click here

Delivery Options

Logans are pleased to offer a variety of delivery options to our customers so you can choose the shipping method that best suits your needs.

In most cases, you will receive your order in 2-5 business days from the time of your order, but we ask that you allow up to 14 days for delivery, to account for unexpected delays.

Free & Flat Rate Shipping

Most orders over $199 qualify for free shipping.

orders under $199 are eligible for $8.95 flat rate shipping To NSW, VIC and ACT, or $15 flat rate shipping to all other Australian states.

Small products such as books, strings and small accessories may be sent with Australia post, and may not include a tracking number. If tracking is important to you, please choose courier shipping to ensure you will be able to track your order.

We have send tens of thousands of books and accessories in this manner, and very rarely have issues. If your product arrives damaged, or has not arrived within 14 days, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will replace it free of charge. 

Acoustic Pianos, Digital Pianos with a shipping weight of over 80kg, and other products that require specialist delivery services or installation are not eligible for free or flat rate shipping.

Orders to Western Australia do not qualify for free shipping.

In Store Pickup

Most products can be picked up from our Burwood store. If you choose this option at checkout, please wait for us to confirm your products are ready for pickup before pick it up. 

We are able to arrange curbside pickup/click and collect on customer request.

Courier Shipping

Logans are pleased to offer shipping by the following couriers:

  • Australia Post
  • Startrack
  • Couriers Please
  • TNT
  • UPS
  • Clipper Parcels (Sydney Only)

In most cases, the fastest, cheapest and best options to your location will appear at checkout, allowing you to choose the courier and rate that best suits your needs. Sometimes, rural and remote and international areas will not calculate shipping. This doesn't mean we can't ship to you, or even that it's going to be particularly expensive. Generally, we recommend you use flat rate shipping in these cases, but if this is not appropriate, or available for you, please contact us, and we will discuss your options with you. 

Digital Pianos Delivery & Setup

Digital Piano delivery and setup is available in the Sydney Metro area for the cost of $150. Surcharge will apply for stairs, or other difficult delivery.

Additional surcharges apply to deliveries outside of the Sydney Metro area, and will need to be scheduled in advance. Please contact us for an obligation free quote.

As you will have to be home to show the carriers where to set up your piano, we will call to schedule your delivery at a time that is convenient for you. 

Acoustic Pianos Delivery

Logans only work with the best speciality piano carriers in the business - DragonGoninans & Perfect Moves. This ensures that your piano will arrive not only undamaged, but in tune & well regulated as well. As you will have to be home to show the carriers where to place your piano, we will call to schedule your delivery at a time that is convenient for you. 

  • Delivery to Sydney metro area is free to ground level, +$50 for each flight of stairs. 
  • Charges apply to deliveries outside of the Sydney Metro area, and will need to be scheduled in advance. Please contact us for an obligation free quote, or select "Post-paid Piano Shipping" at checkout, and we will call you the following business day to discuss your shipping options. Delivery of pianos outside of Sydney Metro is subject to the scheduling of our long distance shipping partner, Perfect Moves. Typically, this means your piano will be delivered within a month of purchase.

Indicative prices for Melbourne/Brisbane Metro

Upright Pianos: $550

GB1 or GC1: $660

C3 or smaller: $770

C5 or smaller: $880

C7 or smaller: $990

Pre-Orders & Out Of Stock

Out of stock or new release products will generally be available for pre-order. If you pre-order a product online, we will contact you using the details provided your order to give you an ETA the next business day. For most products, this will add less than a week to the delivery time for your order.

In the case of new release products, or some specialty items, lead times can be up to six months. If you would like to know the ETA of a product before pre-ordering, please contact us by email, phone, or using the chat widget and we will give you an ETA.

In all cases, you can cancel a pre-order for a full refund within 30 days. Standard refund conditions apply. Click here to see our refund policy



*=Note that selecting this option means your shipping costs are not included in the price of your order, and will need to be paid prior to delivery.


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