Orchestral String Service Prices

Double Bass$133
Adjust Soundpost$25
Fit Tailpiece/Chinrest$33

Electric Guitar Service Prices

Electric Guitar/Bass Service$99
Electric Guitar/Bass Set Up$145
Floating/Locking Tremolo System$155
Fret Dress$275
New Nut $35 TUSQ | $120 Bone
(Inc. Bone nut + Set Up)
Partial $350
Rosewood $750
Maple $850

Acoustic Guitar Service Prices

Acoustic Guitar Service$99
Acoustic Guitar Set Up$145
12 String | Mandolin | Other*$155
Fret Dress$275
New Nut$120 Six Strings
 $175 Twelve Strings
 (Inc. Bone Nut + Set Up)
Partial $350
Full Refret $750


All repairs are conducted by experienced luthiers and technicians. We are able to accommodate your personal preferences and make many common modifications.

All instruments are unique and so are all instrument repairs. Prices are for reference only, and actual costs may vary based on the cost of obtaining parts, and complexity of the repairs. Most instruments can be quoted on sight at our Burwood store.

When costs exceed the quoted price, or other problems are identified during the course of the repair, we will always ask for permission before proceeding with the repair. Prices are for labour only. They do not include the cost of parts involved.

For any advisements on wait time, enquiries or requests, please email: culann@loganspianos.com.au

Guitar Repair Prices

Piezo InstallationFrom $75
Piezo + Preamp InstallationFrom $165
Passive Pickup Installation$90 | $140 | $160
Active Pickup Installation$100 | $150 | $170
Strap button InstallationFrom $18
Jack Replacement$35 Solid | $55 Hollow
Pot Replacement$45
Switch Replacement$55
Machine Head ReplacementFrom $140 inc. service
Custom Rewire (coil splitting, phase etc.)From $65
Deep Clean
(Necessary on extremely unclean guitars)
From $45
Dexterity ConversionFrom $75
Saddle PlaneFrom $45
Neck Shim (bolt-on)From $45
Pickup modification
(potting, polarity, remagnetisation)
From $145
Crack RepairFrom $75
Headstock Repair
From $135
Bridge ReglueFrom $125
Brace RepairFrom $85
Cavity Shielding (Copper or Paint)
From $130
Inlay/Binding ReglueFrom $65

Violin/Viola Repair Prices

New Pegs (set)From $172
New Pegs (single)From $55
New Bridge (student)From $132
New Bridge (pro)From $160
New NutPOA
New SoundpostFrom $55
Straighten FingerboardPOA
Re-Glue FingerboardFrom $66
Shim FingerboardPOA

Cello Repair Prices

New Pegs (set)POA
New Pegs (single)POA
New Bridge (student)POA
New Bridge (pro)POA
New NutPOA
New SoundpostPOA
Straighten FingerboardPOA
Re-Glue FingerboardPOA
Shim FingerboardPOA

Bow Repair Prices

Bow RehairFrom $120
New Tip (bone)POA
Leather LappingPOA
Silver BindingPOA
Wholewhale BindingPOA

*= Includes 12 string guitar, mandolin, banjo, and other folk instrument with 12 or fewer strings. 

Workshop Team

Chris Logan

Chris Logan

General Manager | Orchestral Strings Specialist

Aram Zarasayan

Aram Zarasayan

Viol Luthier

Dylan Felmoser

Claudia Tumino

Orchestral Strings Specialist

Clover Meng

Clover Meng

Orchestral Strings Specialist

Seth Carson

Culann Tierney

Guitar Luthier