Chris Logan 

General Manager

Chris grew up playing among the pianos at Logans while his father Geoff tuned, so it is no exaggeration to say that he was born to this role. Chris started playing the violin at 7 years old, but describes himself as more of a “music critic” today.

Over his 20 years in music retail, Chris has gained great understanding of the manufacturing and setup process of virtually every instrument that Logans keep in stock. A deft hand at setting up guitars and violins himself, Chris has personally visited the factories of many of the products Logans keep. Chris has been a part of the community for his whole life, and takes it as a personal mission to ensure that everyone who enters the store leaves with something they will be happy with for years to come.

Fun Facts: Ocean swimming enthusiast. Collects 90s rock and metal memorabilia.

Geoff Logan

Piano Technician

Geoff Logan’s reputation as the best piano technician in the business may precede him. Geoff is the third generation of Logans to own Logans Pianos and like his father and grandfather before him, Geoff is a qualified piano technician and tuner. As a third generation piano technician with over 50 years experience, Geoff has knowledge and experience with pianos unparalleled anywhere else in Australia.

Geoff is carrier of the trade secrets that make up Australia’s most comprehensive pre-sale piano preparation and has prepared pianos for everyone from international touring artists, to students buying their first pianos. Every upright piano purchased from Logans is personally prepared by Geoff, ensuring that all piano customers can be guaranteed that their piano will be at it’s best not only when it arrives, but for years to come.

Fun Facts: World Champion at telling bad jokes. Can play octaves and perfect fifths in every key.

Clover Meng

Orchestral Strings Specialist

Clover started playing the piano at Age 5, eventually achieving grade 8 level, and taking up clarinet as a second instrument. She refined her skills playing in concert bands and singing in choirs throughout her school years.

Since joining the Logans team in 2018, Clover has given Logans the ability to offer our superior service to customers of Chinese speaking backgrounds. Through intensive training with a number of Australian instrument makers and importers, Clover has developed an intimate knowledge of orchestral strings, and should be every customer’s first point of contact for all things violin, viola or cello related.

Fun Facts: Speaks four languages. Unashamedly likes the Backstreet Boys. 

Irene Kakopieros

Sheet Music Specialist & School Liason

Irene started playing the piano at age 3, but eventually decided that writing music was more her thing. Since receiving an undergraduate degree in music composition from UWS, Irene has created original scores and sound design for a number of indie films and shorts.

Irene Joined the Logans team in 2018 as a sales associate, and now coordinates our brass and woodwind, and sheet music sections. Her broad knowledge of composers not only helps her find performance pieces for people looking for new repertoire, but also keep our enormous sheet music section well ordered!

Fun Facts: Has seen Hans Zimmer in Concert. Has the same MBTI profile as Christopher Nolan

Thomas Rusin

Sales Associate & Warehouse Co-Ordinator

Tom is one of our longest serving employees, and has experience in nearly every area of the store. Inspired by Aussie rock legend Angus Young, Tom started playing guitar on a Gibson knock off when he was in high school, and has since achieved a Bachelor of Music from AMPA. He remains active in Sydney with rock band So to Speak.

Fun Facts: Loves Shrek. Yeets feets at Polish dancing.

Sarah Homeh

Sales Associate

Sarah is a double bassist and singer who is active in Sydney’s jazz scene. Sarah started playing the bass in primary school, in her own words “because it was the biggest”, and has since become totally addicted to bass. Sarah’s current projects include Young Women’s Jazz Orchestra, jazz trio The Butchers and The Dirty Carpet Disco Band.

Fun Facts: Completely addicted to hummus. Wants to write an album about how great food is.

Dylan Fellmoser

Sales Associate

Dylan Felmoster Profile

A Guitarist Through and through, Dylan started playing at 13, and has barely put the instrument down since. Dylan has been involved in the Sydney rock and metal scene for years, and has the chops to prove it. Dylan earned a BMus from WSU in 2016, and dreams of one day owing and operating his own recording studio. 

Fun Facts: Loves Cats & Japanese Food. 

Henry Mewing

Sales Associate

Henry is a multi instrumentalist who started playing the Euphonium at 9, before moving onto Drums and Ukulele. He has played with a number of bands over the years, ranging in style from Indie Rock to metal, even winning the JJJ Unearthed High competition in 2008 and demonstrating his prowess as a drummer by becoming a finalist in the Billy Hyde Playoff in 2009.

Fun Facts: Speaks Russian & Croatian. Likes Swimming in the Winter. Has met Trent Reznor

Greg Chamberlain

Piano Technician

Greg joined Logans in 1997 as an apprentice piano technician. In that capacity he had a unique opportunity to do much of his training on grand pianos and be trained by true experts in the field.

In 2016, Greg was awarded the title of “Master Tuner” by Yamaha, and is regarded today as one of the very best piano technicians in Australia. Although Greg now spends time on the road working on pianos, he chooses to spend much of his time in the store at Logans putting the final touches on grand pianos being prepared for delivery.

Aram Zarasyan


Aram is a luthier violinist with an outstanding history. Aram started building and repairing violins in 1986. After receiving a Churchill Fellowship in 2001, Aram apprenticed with renowned violin maker Oded Kishony and has since won internation having won international competitions in Russia and Italy. Aram’s list of performance credits is just as impressive, and he has performed with everyone from the Australian Opera Ballet Orchestra, to David Campbell.

The most important part of a stringed instruments life is the initial regulation (or set up). Logans are very proud to have Aram working with us to set up all our new violins, violas, cellos and Bass. Aram is also available for ongoing repairs and set ups for customer's instruments.

Fun Facts: Can play like Paganini and Eddie South at the same time. Collects antique instruments.

Daniel Holmes

Website & Marketing

Daniel Holmes Profile

Jack of all trades and master of none, Daniel has seen the music industry from almost every angle. Daniel has worked as a composer, producer, session musician, sound engineer, and even run music schools in the Inner West before starting at Logans in 2016. Daniel Achieved a BMus in Music Composition at AIM in 2014. 

Fun Facts: Once played over 100 shows in a year. Hates both piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.