Why Buy Orchestral Strings From Logans?

• Full professional setup with every instrument.
• Over 100 years experience, and multi-award winning customer service.
• Hundreds of violins, violas, cellos, basses and bows, hand curated by our orchestral string specialists.
•  All sizes, 1/32 to 4/4.
• One year free servicing.
• Wide range of instruments unavailable elsewhere, including: professional, custom, electric and left-handed.
• Beginner instruments include bow and case.
• Buy with your preferred payment method, rent, or afterpay.

Orchestral String Setup

Luthiers and instrument makers typically ship violins, violas, cellos and basses with "factory" parts, not designed for play.

This is not a mistake. As instruments are subjected to normal changes in temperature and humidity, wooden parts shift and change. By the time a European or Chinese instrument reached Australia, any fitted parts like bridge, soundpost and pegs would no longer be fit for purpose. 

Sadly, many music stores sell instruments in this condition, resulting in instruments that shound shrill and play poorly; This may be why so many parents complain their children's violin practice sounds like "cats screeching".

Learning an instrument should be a pleasure, not a chore. This is why we believe an instrument's setup is as important as the violin itself. 

Our Luthier, Aram Zarasayan has over 20 years experience setting up, repairing and making string instruments. Aram hand crafts custom fit replacements for all factory parts, ensuring the best possible performance out of every violin.

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