Logans Pianos is Sydney's oldest independent music shop with a huge range of instruments, sheet music and accessories for sale.

Located in the heart of Burwood, Logans Pianos has been run continuously by the Logan family since 1920. The store is currently managed by Geoff Logan (3rd generation) and Chris Logan (4th generation).

We take pride in being not only the oldest music shop in Sydney, but the best. Over the last century, Logans has provided pianos, guitars, orchestral strings, brass and wind and sheet music to some of the country's most seasoned professional musicians and institutions, as well as assisting generations of new musicians choose their first musical instrument.

Our long history as a premium piano shop has led us to the conclusion that the best instrument is the one that is best prepared. As such, all of our instruments receive a comprehensive setup before they are sold, and most include free aftersale servicing. We believe this focus on making sure that our instruments represent the best possible value for money is what has kept us in business for almost a century

Logans Pianos is Sydney's only Yamaha authorised sales and service centre. We are confident we provide Australia's most comprehensive pre-sale piano preparation, completed by two of Australia's best Piano technichians - Geoff Logan and Greg Chamberlain, with a combined 70 years of experience.

Our Expert orchestral string setups are carried out by Aram Zarasyan, a luthier with over 30 years experience building, setting up and repairing instruments. Aram is an master of his craft, and ensures every instrument is set up for optimal sound and playability before it is sold.

Guitar setups and instrument servicing are carried out by our highly trained service department, who take pride in bringing out the inner excellence in every instrument that passes through the workshop. Usually, servicing can be completed within 48 hours, but we recommend you Call ahead before bringing your instrument in, because wait times vary based on the work load any given week.

Whether you're looking for your first piano, a new electric guitar to burn on, or have questions about which violin or flute your should buy, we're here to help! Logans is Sydney's friendliest music shop, providing the best range, price and advice for musicians from all walks of life.