Maintenance Prices

Instrument Price*
Violin/Viola $88
Cello $99
Double Bass $120


  • Performed by our trained and experienced staff, and can be tailored to your personal preferences.
  • 48 hour turnaround
  • Includes restringing, bridge & soundpost adjustments, peg adjustments & lubrication, nut lubrication, oiling and cleaning.
  • Recommended every 6-12 months.

Regular maintenance is vital to ensuring your instrument is performing it’s best, and to reduce long term wear and tear on your instrument. We generally recommend that you have your instrument serviced twice in the first year, and once every following year.

To help ensure the longevity of our customers instruments, we offer one year of free servicing on all new instruments purchased at Logans Pianos in store or online. Services are generally completed within 48 hours, depending on the current workload in our workshop.

Please Note We will not restring your instrument without servicing it, unless it has been very recently serviced.

While we acknowledge this may be inconvenient to some customers, our job is to make sure your instrument is performing at it's best, and protected against unnecessary wear and tear. It would be irresponsible for us to restring your instrument and hand it back to you without giving a thorough examination, and made the necessary adjustments to prevent future damage. 

Instrument Repairs

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to look after your instrument, it gets dropped, bumped or broken. Our expert Luthier Adam Zarasyan has over 20 years experience repairing and building violins, and there’s almost no problem he can’t solve.

Just as all instruments are unique, so is every piece of damage, so please note that all prices below are estimates only. We will need to see your instrument before we can give a firm quote on the repair. Drop your instrument off with us anytime for an obligation free quote.

Bow Repairs Estimate
Bow Rehair $130.00
New Tip (bone) $95.00
Leather Lapping $55.00
Sterling Silver Binding $99.00
Wholewale Binding $66.00
Bow Rehair Cello $130.00
Violin/Viola Repairs
New Pegs (set) $140.00
1 New Peg $49.00
New Bridge (Pro) $170.00
New Bridge (Student) $120.00
New Nut $55.00
New Soundpost $44.00
Adjust Soundpost $18.00
Scraping Fingerboard $55.00
Re-glue fingerboard $55.00
Re-glue fingerboard and set-up $66.00
Wedge Under Fingerboard $350.00
Fit New Tailpiece $33.00
Cello Repairs
New Pegs (Set) $132.00
Adjust Pegs $44.00
New Bridge $132.00
New Nut $55.00
New Soundpost $55.00
Adjust Soundpost $18.00
Scraping Fingerboard $77.00
Reglue Fingerboard $77.00
Remove and Replace Neck $220.00
Remove and Replace Cello Top $330.00
Fit Spike $55.00


*= Price does not include strings. Surcharge may apply for extended range, or other unconventional instruments.