Gliga 3 Double Bass Outfit

SKU: 91506

  • Best Bass for Beginners
  • Recommended by Teachers Worldwide
  • Handmade in Romania from Solid Tonewood
  • Fine Grained Carpathian Spruce Top, & Sycamore Maple Back & Sides
  • Signature Warm Gliga Sound
  • Includes Bow & Case 

Made from tone woods grown in the famous Carpathian Mountain region this model represents outstanding value for a European instrument.  Hand carved solid spruce top (belly) and maple flat/bevelled back and sides with attractive violin corners, fine ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, maple bridge and German-made Rubner machine heads, presented in a FPS heavy padded bag and a Brazilwood bow.  Available in dark antique or ‘aged’ dark antique oil varnish imported from the famous Hammerl Company in Germany.

This model is available in two patterns:

Gliga’s own German-style (Default) with a flat/bevelled back, smaller upper bout to allow accessibility and a large lower bout for increased power and depth of sound.

French style (Available on Request) which has much narrower ribs (sides) in the upper bout thus allowing the player easy access to the play area. Special Rubner 2-part individual machine heads are used on this model to suit the stylish elongated French-style peg box and scroll.


Award winning violin maker, Mr Vasile Gliga, has been creating instruments since 1980 in his workshop in central Romania. Starting from humble beginnings working in a state-owned violin factory, his talent and passion for instrument making soon found him his independence hand-crafting just two violins per month from his own tiny workshop at home with the help of his wife.

His skills and attention to detail quickly found him international recognition which in time provided the resources for him to train other craftsmen in his style of making.

Sourcing his tone woods from the famous Carpathian Mountain region of central Europe, over the years, his range expanded from student to professional levels and to this day Mr Gliga offers European quality at very affordable prices.

Gliga’s success has allowed him to build and support a dance studio teaching Latin and Sports Dance methods to an international standard, a teaching facility and even a local soccer club.  In 2008 Mr Gliga was elected to the Romanian Parliament in which he works to further improve the lifestyle of his fellow Countrymen.


Mr Gliga sources his tone woods typically from the famous Carpathian Mountains from where it is believed Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) did the same.  These Mountains stretch 1,500km in length through Central and Eastern Europe and provide the correct altitude and climate for the spruce trees to grow slowly and consistently thus providing the close and even-grained tone woods best suited for high quality string instruments. Both spruce (used for the belly and soundpost) and maple (used for the back, neck, sides and bridge) are cut and stored for years to ensure that a natural drying process (also called curing) occurs long before the making process begins.

Once properly seasoned the long journey to becoming someone’s treasured instrument commences with the timber being graded, prepared and carved.  Each belly and back is taken from the same quarter-cut piece of spruce and maple to ensure tonal matching. Depending on the grade of timber and the model that it will become, the woods are carved and tuned to provide optimal tone and resonance. In the case of the higher grades the craftsperson will, through years of training, practice and experience, finely tune the ‘plates’ by graduating the tone woods to numerous different thicknesses across its surface. This is a lengthy process taking place well before the instrument can be skilfully assembled, sanded, prepared and, eventually, finished in numerous coats of purpose-made oil varnish imported from Germany from the famous Hammerl Company.

Logans are pleased to offer multiple varnish colours on Gliga II and above from which to choose:

  • standard (this is a basic traditional colour used in the market)
  • antique (a popular Gliga colour introduced in the 90s)
  • dark antique (made for Australia and now the most popular shade of oil varnish in the Gliga range)
  • aged dark antique (which incorporates a prominent visible grain line and darker edges)

Once complete the instruments are equipped with factory fittings such as strings, bridge, tailpiece and endpin and start their 2 month long sea trip to Australia where the final quality control check is performed before they are made into outfits by the inclusion of custom-designed cases and bows before being distributed to Gliga dealers across Australia.

Final Setups & Checks are performed by our in house luthier, who has set up thousands of Gliga Violins, and hand selected the best parts for every instrument, based on quality, value, and appropriateness for the level of the instrument. 

In acknowledgement of the quality of our instrument setups, Gliga have listed Logans Pianos as a Gliga Gold Standard Dealer, allowing us access to their professional & custom Instruments.

COUNTRY: Romania
TOP: Solid Carpathian Spruce
BACK & SIDES: Flat, Two Piece Solid Maple
GRADE: Light Flame
PEGS: Rubner 2 on plate gold
TAILPIECE: Ebony with Steel Gut
ENDPIN: Tubular Pin With Ebony Plug.
BRIDGE: Gliga Aged Maple with height adjusters
STRINGS: Innovation Honey Jazz
FINISH: Antique Oil
BOW: FPS Brazilwood, French Style
CASE: Padded Bag

Logans Pianos is one of Australia's biggest Orchestral String dealers. We have hundreds of Violins, Violas, Cellos, Bows & Accessories in stock. Every one of our instruments is hand selected to ensure optimum value and performance. 

Every instrument purchase from Logans includes a full professional set up by our specialist luthier with more than 20 years experience. This set up includes properly cutting and fitting the bridge to each instrument, peg box set up, adjustment and fitting of soundpost and proper lubrication of pegs, nut, bridge, tailpiece and bow frog. Each instrument is then played and checked for any further adjustments. Proper set up is crucial to ensure maximum playability and performance.

Violin Setup

All violins, cellos and violas have factory fittings replaced with quality German strings, German tailpiece and a French bridge to enhance playability and tone.

All instruments receive 1 year free* maintenance from Logans. 

Repairs and ongoing maintenance are available directly through Logans Pianos.

Logans always have a large range of stringed instrument and accessories in stock, including books, bows, strings, cases, rosin and parts. While we try to keep our online stock as accurate as possible, we recommend you Contact Us to ensure your intended purchase is ready for purchase.

*Excludes strings and parts

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