Yamaha JU109 Upright Piano
Yamaha JU109

The Yamaha acoustic piano range in Australia is introduced with this student piano. The clear, well defined sound is typical of the accuracy inherent throughout the range.

Yamaha JX113 Upright Piano
Yamaha JX113

Although still a student piano, this piano has a mature, rounded sound belying its size. Suitable for domestic use and study up until completion of grade five.

Yamaha U1J Upright Piano
Yamaha U1J

The new Yamaha U1J has replaced the hugely successful T121 and as this new model is now assembled in Yamaha's Indonesian factory we were very keen to assess and compare design and material changes. We were very confident in the accuracy and workmanship as we had not seen any drop off in the quality of student pianos produced in this factory for many years.

Yamaha U1JMP Upright Piano

The U1J does not disappoint. It gains almost all of the features that were dropped from the U1 to create the old T121. Double felted hammers, hardwood bridge cap, 5 back posts, slow drop fallboard, split hinged top door and a big rich sound that will impress the critics. This model is now available in Polished Ebony, Satin Dark Walnut and with Yamaha's Simple Silent option.

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano
Yamaha U1

Top of the world in sales, favoured piano of teachers, preferred instrument of teaching institutions and the standard by which all other uprights are judged. The U1 has the style, grace and performance to bring out the best in the best.

Made in Japan. Made in Japan

Yamaha YUS1 Upright Piano
Yamaha YUS1

When first trying the YUS1 it felt and sounded very familiar, but when played harder it produced a volume and quality that we have not heard from a 121cm piano before. With Roslau strings, Concert Piano hammer felt, the 'Forward Tone Escape' and other design improvements, this piano certainly steps up. The improved soft close fallboard adds to the sleek lines of the instrument and the price belies the quality of this ground breaking upright piano.

Made in Japan. Made in Japan

Yamaha YUS3 Upright Piano
Yamaha YUS3

The new YUS3 is probably the most surprising instrument of the new upright piano range. The sound is warm, rounded and balanced unlike its predecessor the U3, which was designed to project through a crowd with its piercing top end. While we have always urged people to avoid this part of the range for use in a home, we are now very happy to recommend the YUS3 as an appropriate family piano.

Made in Japan. Made in Japan

Yamaha YUS5 Upright Piano
Yamaha YUS5

Grand piano performance without the bulk is probably the best way to describe the YUS5. Sensational, clear treble and a big, gritty bass provide the player with options not available on most upright pianos. Full sostenuto and Ivorite keys complete the masterpiece.

The YUS5 is on display in our Burwood showroom now.

Made in Japan. Made in Japan